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The LASIK Experts at The Eye Center of Central PA

The Eye Center of Central PA’s outpatient LASIK surgical center in Muncy, PA is equipped with the latest technology and a specialized team of experienced eye care professionals - we are devoted to offering only the most advanced systems for your laser vision correction.

What is LASIK?

LASIK, laser-assisted-in-situ Keratomileusis, is an FDA approved outpatient procedure that uses an excimer laser to reshape the cornea to correct your vision.

LASIK can treat a broad-range of prescriptions, or refractive errors, for patients who have of these common vision problems:

Myopia (Nearsightedness)
Hyperopia (Farsightedness)
Light rays are focused in front of the retina instead of directly on the retina. Near vision is in focus, and distance vision is blurry.
Reshaping the cornea to be "flatter" can correct myopia
Light rays are focused behind of the retina instead of directly on the retina. Distance vision is in focus, and near vision is blurry.
Reshaping the cornea to be "taller" can correct hyperopia
The cornea has an irregular shape, so light rays are focused in multiple places on the retina. This causes a double vision effect.
Smoothing an irregular cornea into a more normal, even shape can correct astigmatism
LASIK operation for Astigmatism LASIK operation for Hyperopia LASIK operation for Myopia

Are there different types of corrective eye surgery?

YES - There are two primary methods of preparing the cornea for refractive treatment and your surgeon will determine which of these procedures will give you the best corrected vision based on your eye measurements and extensive tests.

- PRK, photorefractive keratectomy, uses a solution to soften the top thin layer of your cornea. The layer is then removed to allow the laser to reshape your cornea.

Blade-FREE LASIK Surgery - Fly Fisherman

- BLADE-FREE LASIK method is an all LASER approach to refractive eye surgery. The corneal tissue is loosened with tiny pulses of laser light that form a layer of microscopic bubbles just beneath the surface of your eye. The surgeon then gently lifts this “flap” uses the laser to reshape your cornea, and then replaces the flap.

There is virtually no discomfort and vision for most patients is within the driving requirements on the very next day.

Am I a candidate?

LASIK may be right for you if:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are in good general health & no autoimmune disease
  • You are not currently pregnant or nursing
  • You have a stable prescription & no eye disease
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Call The Eye Center TODAY at 1-866-995-3937 to schedule a FREE LASIK Screening at one of our 12 offices in Central PA.

Blade-FREE LASIK Surgery - Eye Center of Central PA Do you offer FREE financing?

YES – The Eye Center of Central PA primarily works with a reputable financial institution to offer our patients 0% financing for 24 months.

Here are 7 ways you can make LASIK more affordable:

  • Financing … 0% options available.
  • FSA … your Flex Spending Account
  • Discount Program … The Eye Center can check if your employer participates in a discount vision program.
  • Tax Benefits … Use your tax return on you!
  • Credit Cards … The Eye Center accepts Visa, Master Card and Discover
  • Military Discount ... we offer a 20% discount on refractive surgery for active military members with an ID.
  • Price Point Match… if you bring in a LASIK contract from another provider, The Eye Center will match the cost point-per-point

How do I learn more?

Schedule a FREE LASIK Screening at one of our 12 offices in Central PA!

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Call 866-995-EYES CALL: 1-866-995-3937
Email The Eye Center EMAIL: info@eyecenterofpa.com

Did you know?

  • LASIK is the most frequently performed healthcare procedure in North American
  • Blade-Free, computer-guided technology has been proven in studies to be both safe and precise.
  • Because of the superior accuracy of Blade-Free laser technology, NASA and the Armed Forces have now approved this method as a treatment option for pilots, astronauts and servicemen who are nearsighted, farsighted, and/or have astigmatism.

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  • Using your FSA Benefits
  • Can my Insurance off set the cost?
  • Do you take Credit Cards?

Possible risks of LASIK include, but are not limited to; dry eye syndrome, which can be severe; the possible need for glasses or contact lenses after surgery; visual symptoms including halos, glare, starbursts, and double vision, which can be debilitating; and the loss of vision.