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LASIK Testimonials

See what our clients are saying about their experences with LASIK surgery at The Eye Center of Central PA.

Michelle D.

"Having LASIK surgery has been life changing for me. I have worn glasses since age 13 and now I am free! Great facility and outstanding staff. They really are honest and fully prepare you about what to expect both before and after surgery. I would highly recommend The Eye Center to my friends! I want everyone to see how as great as I do now!"

Lance S.

"I will no longer have to pay outrageous prices for my glasses and safety glasses. I can play with my children without worry of breaking or losing expensive frames or lenses. Everyone was very courteous and professional. The facility is top notch. I would recommend, and have. The quick attention and polite environment makes it easy to come in get to your appointment and still have ample time for the rest of my errands."

Ashley S.

"I can now read a book on the beach with sunglasses! I no longer need contacts to see in the shower! Facilities were nice, clean, and locations near home and work. I would recommend the Eye Center for their services, they have committed to fixing my vision."

Amanda B.

"LASIK has impacted my life by giving me the “gift” of improving my eye sight. Everyone that I have encountered so far has been truly amazing. I especially would like to give recognition to Laurie Jones, the vision education specialist. She has gone above and beyond with keeping in contract with me before and after my eye procedure. I definitely would recommend the Eye Center. Everyone is very nice and I’m glad to have made the decision to see better."

William D.

"I can now see much more clearly. I no longer need glasses to drive or even read a book! All of the employees are outstanding and especially helpful. I have never met a happier staff! I have already suggested The Eye Center to my wife who is considering surgery to correct her vision."

Danielle D.

"My quality of life has improved after LASIK. The staff was wonderful; they explained everything in great detail and were very caring! I was satisfied with the service and would recommend my friends and family."

Jacob F.

"My vision is so good that I can wake up and not have to grab my glasses before I can see anything. The Eye Center was great, nice and professional."

Holly S.

"I had LASIK and now I can exercise and not have to worry about getting something in my contacts or having my glasses fog up, I also see better at night. The Eye Center was wonderful and I would recommend it, great service, and great staff."

Ashley B.

"It’s only been a week, but my daily routine of being a mom of 2 young girls has been made much easier since my LASIK surgery. Everyone has been great and informative. I already have recommended The Eye Center. They have great customer service and an awesome doctor. The results are amazing for just one week after my surgery!"

Bill R.

"I spent a lifetime in glasses and now I can see clearly without corrective lenses. My LASIK surgery was great; you cannot put a price on clear vision. Everyone has been extremely kind and informative. I would recommend the Eye Center because of the great service."

Jerry W.

"Best money ever spent, should have done this years ago! Best part was financial (they have ways to help!) Chase Health Advance, an excellent choice. Everyone was very helpful and kind, also doctors were very knowledgeable. I would recommend and I did to fellow employees and friends, totally change my life."

Joshua D.

"I love being able to see without corrective lenses, everything was nice. I would recommend The Eye Center because you guys took care of me all the way through."

Vanessa W.

"I am so happy that I had LASIK done. This surgery was literally life changing! I never imagined I would be able to wake up and see! The facility was very nice. The staff was extremely comforting and supportive. My surgeon was very informative and kept me calm. I would recommend The Eye Center to anyone! They are extremely friendly and truly care about their patients!"

Chelsi K.

"For the first time in nearly 20 years I have not had to worry about carting around contact lenses, glasses, supplies, or worry about whether or not I would lose them. Dr. Hartzell and staff were fabulous at making me feel very at ease. Their new LASIK facilities are just an added befit to their already state-of-the-art care. I definitely would recommend The Eye Center to others – and already have! Their excellent care and ease of scheduling are just a few of the benefits of this group."